Sunday, December 4, 2011

Carl Sittmann Riesling 2010 with "Brinner"

Tonights' dinner - Bacon & Eggs (hence the name, Brinner ~ stolen from Scrubs, gosh, I loved that show).  While you probably don't need a recipe for bacon & eggs, I'm going to share how I cook the bacon...

I line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil (for easier clean-up), I separate all the bacon on the lined cookie sheet and put it in the oven.  THEN, I turn the oven on to 400 degrees (F).  Set the timer for 17 minutes, then I make my scrambled eggs.  Bacon comes out perfect =)

I had some Riesing open in my fridge, so I figured that might actually work out.  I checked online for wine pairings with Bacon & Eggs, and found suggested pairings to be Sauternes or Semillon.  I'm not so much into the sweet, but I definitely get why the suggestions are made, so I figured this Riesling would work just fine for me.  I originally bought it for a white option for Thanksgiving Dinner, and we never opened it.  I did open it up earlier in the week when we had company over.  It's a screw cap - I hold no ill will towards the screw cap, just thought I'd mention it. 

This is a nice, light-bodied white, very pale gold color (very pale).  On the nose, before and after the swirl, I get a bright green apple smell.  In the mouth,there's a slightly sweet, apricot taste mixed in with the apple.  It's not at all overwhelmingly sweet, but I have to say, it really goes nicely with the saltiness of the bacon.  This was an extremely pleasant wine making a quick Sunday Dinner just that much better. 

If you're interested, I purchased this wine at Gary's Wine Marketplace in Wayne, NJ.  I hope you enjoy!!

In Vino Veritas!!

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